Pacific Oceanariums

Pacific Oceanariums
Pacific Oceanariums

Redefining marine experiences for the next generation


Brand identity


Sunshine Coast, Australia

The Company

Unlike other marine entertainment facilities, Pacific Oceanariums put conservation and sustainability at the heart of everything they do. Refusing to house large aquatic animals or offer animal ‘shows’ for the public. Instead, they will utilize the latest technology and virtual reality to inspire and captivate their customers.

Each of their facilities will be designed with reference to its location, with exhibitions specifically highlighting local habitats and species under threat in order to build awareness and drive change.

The solution

To reflect the new wave of facilities that were being created, we opted for a fresh and vibrant brand identity. Leaving the dark tank imagery usually associated with aquariums behind, we opted to embrace aspirational oceanic images to more appropriately reflect the environment within the facilities and to showcase the at risk habitats that Pacific Oceanariums has been created to protect.


Their aim

Inspiring the next generation of ocean advocates, without harming the creatures or habitats they were created to protect. 

Creating a versatile and lasting brand

Each facility will have completely unique exhibitions and experiences depending on its location. Therefore, creating a versatile overarching brand was key. This allowed us to make subtle variations for each venue. Leveraging the colours from the local environment to ensure each location felt rooted in its surroundings.

The bulk of the core logo remains consistent across the locations, allowing customers to easily recognise that these facilities are connected. Sharing the same incredible mission and standard of exhibitions and experiences. 

Custom iconography was created for way finding purposes in each location, utilising the locations core colours to create subtle differences at each site.