Sasha Nadine

Sasha Nadine
Sasha nadine nutrition

A balanced approach to modern eating


Brand identity
UI/UX design


Brighton, UK

The brief

With a wealth of experience in the nutrition space, Sasha was keen to establish herself as a trusted and respected player in the industry. Having honed her expertise in Women’s health, Sasha hoped to create a brand that spoke to her female audience.

Mindful of dealing with serious health concerns amongst her clients, she wanted a refined brand that could be taken seriously. One that was soft and welcoming yet felt reflective of her level of expertise.

The solution

Focusing on creating confidence and trust in the customers decision, Sasha Nadine Nutrition emulates an assured yet feminine aura, appealing to their solely female demographic.

To achieve this we utilised clean typography, a soft yet informative tone of voice and a calming muted colour palette to create a soothing and trustworthy aesthetic.

“The two concepts that Aespire presented where both beautiful, it was almost impossible to choose a favourite! The end results is more than what I was hoping for. It feels like me.”

Sasha, Sasha Nadine Nutrition