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Wild Nutrition
Wild Nutrition

The expert’s in women’s nutritional health


In-house designer
UI/UX design
Paid media


Lewes, UK

The company

Led by founder and formulator Henrietta Norton BSc Dip NT, Wild Nutrition scour the earth for Mother Nature’s most revered ingredients for their pioneering Food-Grown® supplements. Inspired by over 20,000 clinics and consultations with women at every life stage, from puberty to postmenopause, their naturally sourced supplements are formulated to support you through every twist and turn of your life journey.

UI / UX design

As creative lead on the 2023 home page redesign we created detailed wire frames, high fidelity mockups and managed all required development work with external freelancers. Resulting in an increase in time spent on page by 26%.

Our goal

Creating flexible and dynamic website blocks that can be continually re-utilised in a variety of ways to showcase different information

Inherited Shopify blocks were rigid and lacked flexibility. Therefore, when designing new blocks and pages, our goal was to future proof. We analysed the information types that could be housed within these blocks and created multiple iterations and flexible features to allow the block to work for the multiple uses. 

Test and learn approach

We created hundreds of different ad creatives allowing us to gain insight into what styles and copy resonated most with our target audience

In line with the ad creative we designed and built multiple landing pages and performed A/B tests to analyse the conversion rate between the landing page, the homepage and/or the PDP page.

We took an iterative approach to the landing pages, creating multiple variations as new customer data came to light.

Pushing the boundaries of the brand aesthetic, we explored all types of ad creative in order to ascertain the most successful content, in terms of new customer acquisition.

Monitoring CPA, CTR and CVR we were able to analyse the best performing creative and find correlation between the highest performing ads. Enabling us to deduce which aspects of the creative content performed best.